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You awaken in a strange place. The sky is unusual. The atmosphere is tense. What's worse, four men are discussing your fate. Who are these people?  Where are you? And why are they discussing your death?

"Hey. So um...How should I put this? You're dead...And we're your guardian angels. You'll have to pick one of us. We're going to take you to the past so that you'll be able to collect all your memories and be judged."

These men have decided your next action. Will you go to Hell or stay in heaven? Or...find love?

In this story-oriented otome game-which is being made in Ren'py-you will have the choice of falling in love with three young men...

Ciro route walkthrough

-Scenes of blood

-Descriptions of gore

-Scenes of abuse




Please be cautious if you are sensitive to these topics.

- Multiple endings

- Both good and bad ends

- Each route is planned to be 2+ hours long (depending on how long it takes you to read each scene).

- Choose from three different personality types.  (This feature and the crossed out ones below it have been scrapped due to it being too time-consuming)

- Depending on the personality you choose, the guys will react and treat you differently.

- Different events for each personality type.

- You can change the main character's name.

First off, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Yusee and Akua Kourin for volunteering for this project. Without them, the project wouldn't have CGs.

Story/Writer: Rinzamakani

 Programming/Codes: Rinzamakani and  zhaie.yuemn

Music and Sound: Kai Engel, Osiris Saline, Myndra, Lucas King, Ramine, Hmix.net, Kevin Macleod, ximian

Character design: Rinzamakani

Character art drawn by: Yusee

CGs for Ciro's route: Yusee and Akua Kourin

CGs for Evangelos' route: Akua Kourin

Backgrounds: Mukumuke, Sei.chan

GUI: zhaie.yuemn


Love's Apathy: Ciro route (Linux) 319 MB
Love's Apathy: Ciro route (Mac) 314 MB
Love's Apathy: Ciro route (Windows) 315 MB

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I think that the graphics and story is amazing! UwU's and OwO's on this project you amazing Bean~! Also, I've played your games, and it seems that your games surround or have Tsunobi. I feel like these are just side stories, and that all these games might reach to something like THE FINALE or smthing. U really know how to make these games interesting UwU. Also the multiple endings really make u replay and try to find more.

Loved your game and i really like all the characters!

will there be a route for Ryuu in the future?

he really deserves it after what happened with the MC!


Glad you enjoyed the game! I've actually been thinking about a route for Ryuu. We'll see how the story goes and if I can add it.

I hope it will happen!

I was wondering who is coming next after Ciro and if maybe when will it come?

Just a question no pressure or anything and if you dont want to say it yet thats okay too! :D


Sorry for the late response! I just saw your reply. The next route is planned to be Evangelos.

But before working on his route, I plan to release another project called "A Frigid Space".

Ciro's route took me about one or two years to write, thus, I expect Evan's route to take about the same amount of time to complete.

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It's been two years since you made this comment! Soo- ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ I petition to still have that Ryuu route lol! But that aside, I really love your game and writing so far! I played A Frigid Space a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed it, but just heard of this game. It has been such a beautiful story so far. 

I have already been following your account and am looking forward to future projects that you post!

Edit: Wow, just now realizing only Ciro's route is out! Guess it will be a bit longer for the other routes to drop. I just finished Ciro's route and loved it so much! Can't wait till you finish the game!


Sorry it's taking a while. The writing for Evangelos's route is complete and we're planning out the UI and other new things for the game. Thank you for being patient. As for any route that may be added later on, I'd like to finish all three routes (Ciro, Evangelos, and Akakios) before adding in any other routes. I'll post if anything updates or changes within the game. But for now, I've been checking over things in both Ciro's and Evangelos's routes.

Oh my god so many branching paths

I'll have to play this.



So I just played this game for three hours and I love it so much.  I immediatly went for Ciro without realizing all the other charcters weren't released so I wasn't confused until later lol. Absolutely adore him and it took me ages to get to the true ending but so so so worth it. Looking forward to the other characters but absolutely satisifed with just Ciro.  (Also the fact that you post you updates pretty regularly is a thing I like). Love the art and Ryuu and practically everyone lol. Really interested on who was stalking her originally though. 

Only thing that I would like to be included is more save pages and maybe an ending guide or something that tells you which endings you got in the game in the menu so I can keep track. Other than that I love it, but I'm not sure is why the gallery won't open for me but i'm not too worried about it, just wanted to let you know. Thanks for making such a cool good game! (also thanks for adding ending 3 for my weird tastes) You guys did such a great job!!  Good Luck going forward!!! Will keep an eye on this to see it's further development.


Thanks for playing the game and I'm really glad you liked it! I've been trying to implement a gallery screen, so that's not ready yet. As a result, I've blocked access to it. And an ending guide would be a good idea. I'll look into that. :)

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I see you post updates regularly. Thanks! It's good to know you're still passionate about the game and it's progress is going steadily!
The premise is interesting though rough around corners at the moment. I guess you're planning to focuse more on character intaractions and dialogue than on the story which is great! That's my favourite type of otomes. Sprites look absolutely lovely !they even blink! and ability to choose character's personality is also a nice touch. I hope kind persona won't end being too-kind-for-her-own-good type and bordering being stupid. I imagine her acting attentive to others and maybe soft spoken but please don't fall for silly girl goody two shoes archetype. 

There're a few things that bother me. Mainly, it's prologue part. Did our protagonist undergo a serious facial surgery just to wade off some creep? It's a bit weird since there was no mention of her moving to another town. I mean what is the point to change your apperance if you live in the same place and this guy still knows your adress.
Also, she's just 18 years old! Won't her parents or Ryuu try to help her with stalker situation or at least complain that she decided to do something that drastic?
Where did she get money for the operation if she's a high schooler? Ryuu's clothers don't look anything like school uniform so maybe he and mc are colledge students?

Anyways, the demo looks very promising and I look forward to enjoy the full version in the  future!

Hello! Thanks for the feedback and interest in Love's Apathy. A few changes have been made to the prologue and as a result of some of these changes, Rena (MC) no longer gets the surgery to begin with. I've excluded that due to it no longer affecting the actual story since the true ending has changed.

Your other concerns such as Rena's parents, Ryuu, and other things are discussed in the full game. Once Ciro's route is finished for the strong personality type, It may be released. There will be two paths that are possible to go through for each guy's route. Ciro's route is no exception to this. It depends on how much he likes Rena, depending on the player's choices.

Again, thank you for the feedback and interest in the game.

great  game  <3 

Aw~ Thank you! You made my day! :)

your welcome :) i also love the art style too.

Thanks to the artist. Yusee drew the guys' character art while I did the character design. :)

your welcome.

you both did a great job.

Thank you!