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You awaken in a town and meet a mysterious young man. He tells you the town has been abandoned.

Who is he and why is he here? How will you get home?

Will you trust him or avoid him?

Two different paths to go down: Stay with him or avoid him.

Certain choices will be remembered: The characters will remember and act according to certain choices made during the story.

Discover: Learn more about the town and how it got into the state that it is.

Multiple endings: A total of four different endings.

Beautiful CGs and sprite art by Akua Kourin

Surreal music by Daniel Birch

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You did great with the colour scheme! Backgrounds are very atmospheric, they look surreal and otherworldly. Now I'm dying to learn more about this town and why is it in it's current state.

Thank you! I'm glad you like the look of the game! I'll try my best to have the characters explain everything about the town properly. :)