A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You awaken in a town and meet a mysterious young man. He tells you the town has been abandoned.

Who is he and why is he here? How will you get home?

Will you trust him or avoid him?

Two different paths to go down: Stay with him or avoid him.

Certain choices will be remembered: The characters will remember and act according to certain choices made during the story.

Discover: Learn more about the town and how it got into the state that it is.

Multiple endings: A total of four different endings.

New game+: Play through an extra path once you manage to unlock it

Beautiful CGs and sprite art by Akua Kourin

Surreal music by Daniel Birch


Noelani route walkthrough (google docs)

New Game+ walkthrough (contains spoilers)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Sep 20, 2020
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Narrative, Otome, Ren'Py, Romance, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour


Noelani walkthrough (A Frigid Space).pdf 50 kB
New Game+ Walkthrough.pdf 45 kB
A Frigid Space 1.5 235 MB

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Hi! I really liked this game, but could you please help me with completing it? I already looked at the walkthroughs. First I am missing Noel's 2nd CG, but I think I tried all the choices and got all his endings so I don't know where to look for it. Second, in NG+ I can only find Kana End 2 and 3 and the True End. Is there a Kana End 1, and if so how do you get it?

Thank you! (Also thank you for adding a happy ending for Noel!)

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Hello! Glad you enjoyed the game! To get Noelani's 2nd CG, try this order for choices:

  1. Search for shelter
  2. Stay alone for now
  3. Search right
  4. Stay here
  5. Stay alone
  6. Go to sleep

This is the CG I assume you're trying to get.

Also, the 1st ending for Kana IS the true ending. Not only the true ending for Kana, but also Noelani and the entire game. The only reason Noelani doesn't have a true ending is because his route is connected to Kana's story-wise. The most canon ending I intended for Noel is his 3rd ending.

That was indeed the CG I was looking for! I see, I guess the naming of the endings just confused me. Thanks a lot for your help! I'm looking forward to checking out your other game when I have some time :)

can i ask how did you get the happy end for noel? i checked the walkthroughs again but I think it's the same

To get his happy ending, use the walkthrough to get the highest possible trust/love you can with him, and at the final scene with the helicopter, select the option "Talk some sense into him". This should get you his happy ending.

Thank you so much TT^TT your so kind 

Hello !! i really love this game but i cant get the last two gcs for noelani and its bothering me cuz i think i’ve done all different choices that u can 😫 could you possibly explain how to get the last two pictures? <3

Hello! Thank you for playing A Frigid Space. In order to get Noelani's last two CGs, you'll need to go through the New Game+ route and get Kana's trust to 30 (note that the trust meter is invisible). You'll unlock both CGs and get Kana's 2nd ending as well. If you still can't unlock them, let me know. I've just tested it and I managed to unlock both.

it worked!! thank you <3

I wanted to be with noel so bad. Yes I know but its my kind of trope... I also like kana... BUT i wished there is happy end for noel and the mc .... i know he did bad things but as the mc said everyone should give a second chance. Waahhh I want a happy end with noel. 

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So, I just saw your comment after posting the final update. I didn't think anyone wanted a happy ending for Noelani. I'll see if I can do something about that for him and update the game if I do add another ending for him. :)

Update: Added as you requested!

thank you so much, I'm so happy to be back

is there a walkthrough for the new(happy) end for noel?

Not yet. It's connected to his other endings, at the final scene with the helicopter. To obtain it, get the highest possible trust you can with him using the walkthrough, then select the "Talk some sense into him" option.

oh my

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Easy to finish in one sitting. Took me about 10 mins for my first run through. 

Idk how to explain it but this is soft. The teasing isnt too much. There is just the right balance of a curiosity. Its beautiful.

Ty for making this free.

PS take your time to go through the other endings you will get a fun surprise.


Anyways this game was interesting, I got most of the pictures plus witnessed different endings


Can I ask how to get the first picture of Noel?


It was originally a bug that players would be unable to get his first illustration. It's been fixed now.

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oh okie, just saw your recent post.


Thank you for the beautiful game, i really liked how there are so many endings even though the story isn't long, not to mention the detail in the art and background. But i'm having a hard time to get the first picture for noelani in the gallery. I've tried every ending i can but i can't still get it.


Hello. Thank you for playing the game. After looking in the code, I've realized I made a small mistake with his gallery page. I accidentally left out the CG in the game's script, which caused the game to never show it. In the next update, that will be fixed.


oh no wonder, im glad then. because i thought its my fault lol. looking forward  for the update!

beautiful art but i'm a bit confused about the story, since the endings were so abrupt.

I got new game+ unlocked, but the choices never pop up for me, only the regular choices. I'd love to finish this game because it's absolutely beautiful, but can't at the moment please helppp

The option to "Search in the other building" doesn't show up for you when choosing whether or not to follow Noelani? Could you try redownloading the game please and trying again or restarting it? I'm currently looking into this to see if it's a bug.

No, it didn't but I will definitely give the game another try because I really enjoy it. Thank you


the characters looks like marinette and luka<3 uwu


I got the true ending first try!!!!!! yaaaay. although i did go over the first part (Bfore new game+ multiple times trying to find another ending besides the yandere one. Curiosity i suppose. Loved this game!


Sob,,,how to get other endings other then(spoiler)    Noel's Yandere ending and Kana's death ending,,, I keep trying different choices but keep on getting them.

Besides my struggle, the game is pretty good! I love the art and the BG's, they are so beautiful! I would die for Kana,,sob


the art in this game is extremely beautiful! I also love the characters too, but I really want to know if there is a happy ending! I can't find it yet :')

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The game will be updated with more endings later on. For now, the best ending you can get is the true ending. Glad you enjoyed it.


I recently downloaded this game and i have to say i really love it. The characters are amazing and I love plot. I've been playing and have gone through 6 different endings, it's so good honestly. So I'm wondering if there's a happy end. Also I'm struggling to unlock all the photos in the galary :'( 

Overall I really enjoy the game. Can't wait to see more VNs from you!!


I love the story and the art! The story was very scary in a good way, but I love it!!! The music really fits with the art style and everything! I have never seen a visual novel this good! UwU's an OwO's to this amazing VN!


Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing it!

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English isn't my mother tongue, so this is going to be a short comment, but I wanted to tell you that I've completely fallen in love with this game. At first I was a bit disappointed, because I didn't really like Noel, although the story seemed interesting. But then I played the part called "New Game+", and my opinion of the game completely changed. I fell in love with the two characters (they are so cute ^^) and with the story. 

I think this is a pretty unique game and I really enjoyed playing it, so I would recommend it to everyone. Definitely, one of my favorites. Thank you for making it ^^


I haven't even been able to really play this yet because every time I tab in to start reading I just keep squealing over how fricken cute this man is

I'm sure once I actually get around to playing it I'll have more to say I just had to fangirl really quick over this precious boi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Glad you like his design! Thanks for playing the game!


You did great with the colour scheme! Backgrounds are very atmospheric, they look surreal and otherworldly. Now I'm dying to learn more about this town and why is it in it's current state.

Thank you! I'm glad you like the look of the game! I'll try my best to have the characters explain everything about the town properly. :)